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2018 Spelling Bee Letter

CYO 2017 Spelling Bee

The 2017 CYO Annual Spelling Bee was held on Thursday, February 16th, 2017 at St. Mary Crown Point. Here are the Champions and Runner Ups for each division.

3/4th Grade Division
Champion-Jena Nall from St Stanislaus Kostka
Runner Up- Vincent Lauzon from Aquinas

5/6th Grade Division
Champion- Omar Datt from St Casimir
Runner Up- Katelyn Nguyen from St Paul

7/8th Grade Division
Champion-Serena Deprizio from St Mary CP
Runner Up- Peter Clements from St Paul

Left to Right: Candace Wadas (Co-Spelling Bee Director from St Mary's of Crown Point), Msgr. John Siekierski (St Stanislaus, East Chicago), Jennifer Richards (Co-Spelling Bee Director, CYO Program Coordinator) Serena Deprizio (7/8th grade champion), Omar Datt (5/6th grade champion), Jena Nall (3/4th grade champion), Celine Henderlong (Pronouncer from St Mary's of Crown Point), and Thomas Ruiz (Principal from St Mary's Crown Point)


2016 Spelling Bee Letter

 The 2016 CYO Annual Spelling Bee was held Wednesday,  April  27th, 2016 at St Mary's in Crown Point. Here are  the  Champions and Runner Ups for each divison.

 3/4th Grade Division
Champion-Josie Guzzo from St John Evangelist
Runner Up- John Clements from St Paul

 5/6th Grade Division
 Champion- Zachary Plebanski from St Casimir
 Runner Up- Bryce Keslin from St Michael

 7/8th Grade Division
 Champion- Oluseyi Ogundipe from St Paul
 Runner Up- Ella Jasnieski from St Stanislaus Kostka






 Left to right: Jennifer Richards (CYO Program Coordinator),  Josie Guzzo (3/4th grade champion), Zachary Plebanski  (5/6th grade champion), Oluseyi Ogundipe (7/8th grade  champion), and Celine Henderlong (Pronouncer from St  Mary's in Crown Point)





2015 Spelling Bee Letter

2015 CYO Annual Spelling Bee was held on Wednesday, April 22, 2015. Here are the 2015 Champions and Runner Up for each division.

3rd/4th Grade Division:

Champion-Kyle Cruz from St. John Baptist

Runner Up-Ibrahim Muhammad from St. Mary Griffith

5th/6th Grade Division:

Champion-Nick Jakalski from St. Michael

Runner Up-Mia Wozniak from St. Stanislaus Michigan City

7th/8th Grade Division:

Champion-Rebecca Vazquez from St. Casimir

Runner Up-Alex Linn from St. John Baptist

Left to right: Jennifer Richards (CYO Program Coordinator), Rebecca Vazquez (7/8 Grade Champion), Kyle Cruz (3/4 Grade Champion), Nick Jakalski (5/6 Grade Champion), and Celine Henderlong (Pronouncer from St. Mary's in Crown Point).




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